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Writing: Is Writing Also Marketing? Or Just a Tool

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Producing content for blogging, marketing, selling, just plain instructional information is a chore! Lighten your load with Ann Handley's suggestions.

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Writing…is it just a tool or an essential part of Marketing?

Being creative is or isn’t a gift, or is it?

Feel like you are on a Merry Go Round or a Ferris Wheel….up and down or going

round and round trying to decide what to say or not to say?

Take a short Merry trip through this share by Ann Handley.   Just might be the Tum you need

to settle down and get something done!


Click on the Info Graphic below, it will ease you through the mind trip of Content Creation.

What and how you write becomes more important every day.  We are now off the Magic Button

where you click and everything is done for you in 30 seconds.

Besides writing your own content, there are alternatives,  hire it out, buy already created content (often sold as PLR)  which can be used.

No duplicate content penalty will appear.  That applies only when you have multiple copies of the same content on ONE site.

Go here to pick up a copy of Everybody  Writes by Ann Handly

Access Infographic Click Here to buy, to watch just click the gray space on the page

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